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Business & Financial Planning

The processes for recording and controlling financial activities is often fragmented across various software and paper-based systems, often restricting immediate visibility and ease of reference. During visits to some Dental Practices we have found it hard to comprehend how they operate without any formal accounting arrangements, but these businesses do exist albeit precariously.  Financial management including forecasting efforts, budget setting and accounts preparation are affected as a direct consequence of these deficiencies.  Their ability to measure or manage financial activity is actually compromised. 

In these difficult financial times many Practices are finding the going tough, regaining control of the finances can seem a daunting task, but with the right Accountancy support including a suitable software package, visibility, measurement and recovery is achievable.

Ask yourself the following questions;

Q. Is your Accountant proactive and working to ensure your interests are protected including taking advantage of all available Tax breaks?

Q. Are you able to manage your Tax payments?

Q. Are your borrowings bleeding the Practice dry?

Q. Have you entered into any contracts that have become a financial millstone?

Q. Do you operate a Profit and Loss Account and if so, is it based on realistic forecasts?

Q. Has your Accountant helped you to develop a financial recovery plan?

The goal must be to restore financial management and visibility that will help reduce debt, establish cash flow and support future growth initiatives.  This should be regarded as an opportunity for Principals to become proactive and regain full control of the business and its future.

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Case Study of a Dental Practice in trouble
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PSDS Solutions were instrumental in helping to turn our dreams into reality
 Our 2 surgery, leased practice with 7 staff had evolved into a 4 surgery, state of the art practice with almost 20 staff, in our own premises in the same village, and is the envy of every dentist in the locality.Their support is ongoing and we know we can still just pick up the phone and call them if we need advice or guidance. Thank you! » read full testimonial

Easy Payment Options

We can offer clients the option of spreading their payments over 6 or 12 months depending on the services provided. Payments are made by standing order over an agreed period.

Our fees constitute a Management expense and are therefore eligible for tax relief at your current rate of Tax.

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Practice Patient Payment Plan

Our Patient Payment Scheme can provide massive reductions in Management Fees giving you complete control.

Be in control and keep your profit in your business where it belongs.

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