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Dental Policy and Process Integration

All Dental Practices need solid foundations that underpin their operation which is achieved by the implementation of well considered operational Policy and Procedures.  These must be clear, concise, legally correct and easy to follow. All too often we find businesses operating on custom and practice with evidence of poor compliance, resulting in avoidable risk and loss.  As a consequence, they are also exposed to otherwise aviodable legal and financial impacts.  

Practice owners have a clear duty of care to ensure that all aspects of their business are managed to the highest standards and their environment is safe for all those who enter their premises or use their services.  Far from being a cumbersome or negative process the introduction or update of Policy and Procedures presents a positive opportunity to instil legal and operational compliance, accountability, best practice and of course a first class patient experience.

There are a number of organisations offering off-the-shelf procedural packages, but these tend to be of a generic nature and are not tailored to the individual needs of a business.  It is therefore essential that Policy and Procedures match all aspects of the operation, with revision and issue controls, also reflecting the brand of the Practice. 

Having implemented your procedural package it is then vitally important that they are accessible to all members of the team. This can be achieved by producing hard copies which are then made available or, if an appropriate IT infrastructure is in place, they could be published on the internal network. It goes without saying that the process will need to be carefully managed and an appropriate person should be appointed to control this process.

Case Study of a Dental Practice in trouble
We were contacted by a Dental Practice owner who was in total despair because his business was in disarray and at risk, with little hope of recovery » read the full story

PSDS Solutions were instrumental in helping to turn our dreams into reality
 Our 2 surgery, leased practice with 7 staff had evolved into a 4 surgery, state of the art practice with almost 20 staff, in our own premises in the same village, and is the envy of every dentist in the locality.Their support is ongoing and we know we can still just pick up the phone and call them if we need advice or guidance. Thank you! » read full testimonial

Easy Payment Options

We can offer clients the option of spreading their payments over 6 or 12 months depending on the services provided. Payments are made by standing order over an agreed period.

Our fees constitute a Management expense and are therefore eligible for tax relief at your current rate of Tax.

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Practice Patient Payment Plan

Our Patient Payment Scheme can provide massive reductions in Management Fees giving you complete control.

Be in control and keep your profit in your business where it belongs.

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