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The delivery of dentistry to the public is a vital part of the healthcare arrangements in this Country, but as with every service industry it is reliant on well considered and implemented business infrastructures. When talking to Dentists one reoccurring comment is that during their training they were not given sufficient tuition in basic business skills. This situation leaves them initially ill equipped to run their business or indeed to formulate a strategic plan, necessary for the successful development and management of a Dental Practice.

There are key areas of opportunity that if embraced will deliver significant operational and financial improvements, creating a robust infrastructure that will strengthen the existing service offer and support future business growth.

Choosing a Phone System for your Dental Practice

Looking for a new telephone system for a Dental Practice can be a daunting task especially with the number of communication companies vying for your business. Finding the right service provider is vitally important if you are going to reap the potential rewards on offer. Even small Practices can promote a big Practice presence by choosing a system that is right for their needs. » read full article

Case Study - A Dental Practice in trouble

We were contacted by a Dental Practice owner who was in total despair because his business was in disarray and at risk, with little hope of recovery.  After listening to his concerns we were able to reassure him that through a comprehensive review of his Practice, we would be able to identify the main issues contributing to his current plight and provide an effective recovery plan.  ... » read full article

Dental Patient Management

As with all businesses providing services to the Public the Patient Base of a Practice sits at the very core of the business, but all too often effective management of this vital data resource is lacking or even absent ... » read full article

Dental Policy & Process integration

All Practices need solid foundations that underpin their operation which is achieved by the implementation of well considered operational Policy and Procedures.  These must be clear, concise, legally correct and easy to follow.... » read full article

Business & Financial Planning

The mechanism for recording and controlling financial activities is often fragmented across various software and paper-based systems, thereby restricting immediate visibility and ease of reference.  It is hard to imagine how some Practices even attempt to operate without any formal accounting arrangements, but these businesses do exist albeit very precariously ... » read full article

Managing the team

The Practice Team constitutes the most valuable resource any business has and it is vitally important that every individual performs their duties within a cohesive and structured framework.  Where suggestions and concerns are raised they should be considered positively and responded to as appropriate ... » read full article

Patient Experience

Remembering the old adage ‘You only get one chance at making a first impression’ how does your Practice measure up?  Striving to offer a first class experience each and every time for both new and existing Patients, should be the overriding goal ... » read full article

The Data Protection Act 1998

In today’s Healthcare Sector, there has never been more pressure on Dental Practices to continually adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industry, including the provision of services, operational infrastructure, financial management and legal compliance. It is therefore little wonder, that some areas of vital operational and legal importance get overlooked ... » read full article


Case Study of a Dental Practice in trouble
We were contacted by a Dental Practice owner who was in total despair because his business was in disarray and at risk, with little hope of recovery » read the full story

PSDS Solutions were instrumental in helping to turn our dreams into reality
 Our 2 surgery, leased practice with 7 staff had evolved into a 4 surgery, state of the art practice with almost 20 staff, in our own premises in the same village, and is the envy of every dentist in the locality.Their support is ongoing and we know we can still just pick up the phone and call them if we need advice or guidance. Thank you! » read full testimonial

Easy Payment Options

We can offer clients the option of spreading their payments over 6 or 12 months depending on the services provided. Payments are made by standing order over an agreed period.

Our fees constitute a Management expense and are therefore eligible for tax relief at your current rate of Tax.

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Practice Patient Payment Plan

Our Patient Payment Scheme can provide massive reductions in Management Fees giving you complete control.

Be in control and keep your profit in your business where it belongs.

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